Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Latest addition to my hug!

I'm so happy to have this bear as part of my hug! He's a lovely replica bear specially commissioned by Steiff for Ian Pout of Teddy Bears of Witney. He comes in his own special malachite printed box along with a lovely book telling the story of his life and that of Princess Xenia whom the original Steiff Alfonzo belonged to in 1908.
George Mikhailovich, Grand Duke of Russia purchased a bright red 33cm Steiff bear. He gave the colourful little bear to his daughter, Princess Xenia. She called him Alfonzo. Her nanny, Miss Ball, made him a bright cotton Cossack tunic and trousers.
Centenary Alfonzo has taken more time to create than any other Steiff replica, his mohair has been specially woven and coloured to achieve his aged appearance. The wood shaving filling shows through the holes in his footpads, and both the foot pads and wood shavings are age painted.
His cossack tunic is made of natural cotton. Each tunic is dressed on the bear before being airbrushed around the fall of the creases to achieve a naturally aged look.
The Centenary Alfonzo has a pewter coloured button with the final 'f' underscoring the last four letters, and his label printed with the bears edition number and the date 2008 is sewn into his left side seam.
Centenary Alfonzo is made in a LIMITED EDITION of 1908 and comes with a limited edition book, written and signed by Ian Pout telling the history of Alfonzo.


Bearly Sane said...

Oh you are a very lucky girl! This Alfonzo has a lovely face too...not all Steiff bears have them. I think it depends on who is doing the finishing.

Debora said...

Oh, wow, he is beautiful! This is a great reproduction of Alfonzo. I have been loving red bears lately, probably because of Alfonzo himself.

Enjoy having him in your hug!
~Debora, New Avenue Crew