Tuesday, 21 July 2009


This is Nimblewill...He was born on the 11th July, 2009 and weighs 100gms. He's a lovely little bear although a bit of a scruffy one and so named after a grassweed.
Created with Helmbold mohair, deliberately distressed for an aged/well-loved look, he stands at 6 inches, he is five-way cotter pin jointed, filled with woodwool, polyfil and steel shot. Nimblewill's heart is made of suede and stitched onto his chest. His footpads are distressed, the woodwool stuffing is almost visible and held in with stitches.
He has black glass eyes with stitched detail for his upper and lower eyelids. He has also got embroidered claw details and an embroidered, glossed nose and mouth with some 'age' shading to his face, paw and footpads. Nimblewill wears a brown satin ribbon ruff.
He is available on my website.