Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Jack's Adventures!

My little Sailor Jack has arrived at his new home in California and he's having the time of his life!

After his first sleep in his lovely new home he was taken on a very special day out to the Port of Long Beach to see the 19th Annual Queen Mary Scottish Highland Games and Festival.
He met so many interesting people in all sorts of costumes there and had a lovely time aboard the Queen Mary. He met the Captain too!

Everyone wanted their photo taken with him and it was quite a tiring day for this little bear as he was still jet-lagged after his long journey from Morecambe in England all the way to his new home in California! He told me it's much warmer there than he remembered it here in England and he's never seen a blue sky before!

His lovely new parents then took him to the Queen Mary gift shop and bought him his very own steamer trunk, just the right size and this has now officially become his bed. He's very happy with them, they are such warm-hearted, kind people!

As if life wasn't good enough for Jack he was also cordially invited by the Managing Director of the Queen Mary to attend a fancy dinner hosted by the Titanic Society to be held aboard the Queen Mary in April!!!
How lucky can a little bear be!


The Cat From Hell said...

Dearest Elaine
Oh! Jack looks so happy! It must have been such an exciting day for him and me is glad that it ended with him getting his own special bed! Thanks for sharing his day with us.

edenbears said...

I think Jack is one very happy little bear! I also think he will have many more special adventures with his new mummy and daddy and I'm happy because he's gone to the right home :0)
Glad you enjoyed his post Nellie :0)