Thursday, 28 October 2010

GROWLIE - Good As Gold

Meet GROWLIE, my patient who is at last ready to go home after a long stay in my Teddy Bear Hospital. He has been a very good patient and hasn't complained at all despite undergoing quite an operation.
I had to empty his stuffing out completely it was so old and disintegrated it had turned to a very fine powdery dust! Really horrible stuff, it was so bad I had to empty him outside.

Once we were rid of the nasty stuff the TLC could begin . . . He had a nice clean up of his fur, all his stuffing was replaced and his head was re-joined to his body, he then got some new paw and foot pads, his original eyes were secured back into his head and he got a new nose and mouth.
Now he's a clean, bright, happy boy once again, he's looking forward to going home and receiving lots of much deserved love and attention!

Here's his BEFORE and AFTER pictures . . .