Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Lovely Reunion Update

An earlier post on my blog told of a bear discovered after many years and the original owner having no idea that he is still existence.
It's her 60th birthday coming up soon and her sister is having the bear restored especially for the surprise reunion of her and her old ted!
His fabric is extremely fragile and threadbare so I had to approach with extra care on this little one. I replaced his eyes and gave him a new nose and mouth, he also had a hole just under his left eye which I have darned to blend in. I then gently topped up his stuffing where he'd gone flat or lost some. I couldn't be too heavy handed in this process for fear of tearing his fabric further. I stitched both arms back on properly as they had been over-stitched with black thread and I closed the opening you can clearly see in the 'before' picture which was open down both legs too. Finally I gave him a gentle cleaning. Lots of dirt did come off him so he is much cleaner but I didn't want to subject him to any more wiping due to his fragile state. It would be a good idea to have a jumper made for him to protect his body fabric in future.


jakamoo said...

Wow! He looks good as new! It must be a bit nerve-racking, handling someone's very loved, very fragile and much loved bear. I'd be so scared in case I made things worse. You have done an amazing job though. Do the owners get a bit emotional when they are reunited?