Thursday, 13 January 2011

Rosie - Well Received!

Rosie went to her new home just before Christmas and I'm happy to say she was loved instantly. Not only that but she was the perfect match for her surroundings! Her new owners had just decorated their lounge and it had been done in a modern monochromatic scheme with silver accents. I had never seen the house before and as it was so close to Christmas Rosie decided to take her little silver bottle brush Christmas tree with her, she looked so at home as she sat there coincidentally coordinating with the decor!


The Cat From Hell said...

Dear Elaine,
Yous posts much more on the hive than here. And your blog is so pretty. Me has it in my reader so when me logs on me can see what yous says. Me don't talk much here though.
Any way, me loves your bears and your beautiful site so me is giving you an AWSOME Blog Award!
Yous can go and get it here!

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