Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Clean and Tidy

This lovely old Chiltern bear came to my hospital with definite evidence of a moth infestation. On the surface he looked in not too bad a condition, however his fur showed the signs and damage inflicted by moths. I went to work on him by emptying out his old wood wool stuffing and surface cleaning him. I then re-jointed his head as the joint was showing through the mohair at the back of the neck and the fabric required strengthening to secure it once again. A couple of repaired holes here and there and with completely renewed wood wool stuffing he is now a much 'healthier' bear. I re-stitched his nose and a couple of missing claws too.
When I emptied out his old stuffing I found the old growler inside him that no longer worked so I replaced that and he can now growl once again!

Here are his before and after pictures . . .


Debora said...

Aww, he looks great, Elaine! How I love seeing your restorations. I wish you lived close by; I have a couple that could use attention. :o)

bearkidz by Marion Fraile said...

You did a great job. Now he is ready to be cuddled and loved for many more years!