Thursday, 9 June 2011

Proud Ted!

I've had a lovely email with pictures attached of a bear that recently came to my Teddy Hospital.
He was in a very bad way when he arrived (see picture) but I was able to save him.
I recommended that he was given some clothing when he got home to help to protect his fragile body from any further wear or damage, especially as he now had his squeaker back in his body and every squeak he made could potentially contribute towards another bit of wear and tear on his poor old tum.

Ted's owner also left me a lovely review which you can see on my website:

Doesn't he look sweet in his brand new outfit!! :0)


The Cat From Hell said...

He's lovely in his new clothes!

FenBeary Folk said...

OMG what a transformation, he is gorgeous xx

edenbears said...

Thanks Nellie and Sue! :0))