Wednesday, 22 June 2011

A Tight Squeeze

I received a request for a bear to be repaired as a gift for a birthday coming up very soon. Although usually I'd have asked for more time to restore him I didn't want to let him or his owner down. I find it difficult to refuse a bear and when I discovered he's not a very large bear I thought with a little concentrated effort I could fit him in between current repairs.  I set to work on him as soon as he arrived and when I removed the fabric covering his pads I discovered his original pads were a red imitation velvet fabric (see picture above) they were also a distinctively pointed shape at the toe so I replaced them with red velvety paw fabric and copied their original shape.
I also completely re-stuffed him, re-jointed him, replaced his eyes, tidied his nose and mouth stitching and cleaned him.  His owner remembers he used to growl so I gave him a new growl too.
So here he is, after his treatments . . . ready to wish his owner a very Happy Birthday with his new found growl! :0)