Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Ready To Face The Next 60 Years

Another patient is ready to leave my Teddy Bear Hospital today.  

He's a Chiltern bear (always such handsome bears) approximately 60 years old and arrived looking rather worse for wear.
He's had some therapeutic treatments whilst under my care including . . . 

  • A complete re-stuffing
  • New wool felt paw and foot pads
  • Replacement amber glass eyes
  • An over all cleaning
  • Re-stitching of nose, mouth and claw features
  • Darning of all fragile areas
  • Re-jointing of all limbs and head
  • Repaired Ting-a-Ling sound

I also inserted a small cotton pouch of Cotswold lavender grains into his tummy.  This helps to ward off any insects and keeps his fresh, clean after-bath fragrance . . . I guarantee he'll be attracting those girly bears wherever he goes! :0)  Well a bear feels good if he smells good!
He can now look forward to another 60 years with the right care.

Here he is before and after . . .