Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Billy's Back In The Pink!

When this bear came to me for some TLC, he was rather deflated and badly worn in areas. I set to work on him by giving him a gentle wash and plumping him up by replacing his stuffing.

It was a difficult task trying to obtain a good colour match for Billy's bald areas. He was not a 'standard' colour and had become rather 'pink toned' in certain areas after being washed with a red ribbon around his neck in the past.
After a few unsuccessful attempts at dying some plush teddy fabric (colour looked perfect in the water whist wet but when I rinsed it out it went pale lilac!)

I then called upon a very helpful lady by the name of Tracey of 'Sew What & Stuff It' bear supplies for a piece of mohair, she had the closest match I could find (thanks for coming to the rescue once again Tracey).

After patching all Billy's bald areas, I re-stitched his nose and mouth and finally gave him a pair of shiny bright new eyes as his old ones were rather badly scratched.
He's now very happy to be back home with his owner.

Here's Billy Before and After . . .


Izzy said...

What a cutie! He looks JUST like my childhood bear "binky" who may be beyond repair.. But any way, who brand is Billy? Im wondering for Binky's sake :)

edenbears said...

Hi Izzy, Billy is a Gund bear :0)