Sunday, 4 September 2011

My tribute to Merrythought's Cheeky Bear design . . .

I created this bear for The Guild Of Master Bear Crafter's group challenge which was to make a bear that represented a traditional design of one of your countries original bear manufacturers from 1900 - 1960.

JINGO represents Merrythought's unmistakable Cheeky Bear design combined with the British flag through his red, white and blue colouring.
He also has Union Jack design paw and foot pads incorporating his name, my 'edenbears' name and the year of his creation.
I have given him a 'Cheeky Punkinhead' twist with his topknot of long hair and he has bells in his ears, just like Merrythought's original Cheeky Bears.

I had great fun designing him and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge! :0)


All Bear said...

He's a cracker Elaine! Thank you for taking part ... what a great result!