Friday, 7 October 2011

Boston Baby

This dearly loved Wendy Boston bear was brought to me in need of help.

His stuffing was escaping from the holes worn in the front of his body from being a well-traveled bear and I guess too many hugs and kisses.

This type of Wendy Boston bear was filled with foam chips and over time the foam disintegrates and finally breaks down into a sticky, powdery mess.

We caught this little bear in time to save him from such a nasty experience and now he's been re-stuffed with a premium quality polyester filling.
I gently cleaned him then re-surfaced the front of his body with fabric that I'd tinted and aged to reflect his original well-loved condition minus the holes.
A tidy up of his nose stitching and a few darned areas on the worn tips of his ears, paws and feet made him altogether a much stronger, happier and healthier bear!

I couldn't thank his owner enough and was quite overwhelmed when she very kindly gave me a bouquet of what are coincidentally my favourite flowers and a very generous tip for helping her bear. Her gesture of appreciation truly made my day!
Thank you so much Mrs A. :0)


The Cat From Hell said...

What a miraculous rejuvination! Methinks yous took him back to what he looked like when he was little. So wonderful!
PS. me wishes yous could do that magic on me!

edenbears said...

I wish I could do that magic on myself Nellie but I swoon at the sight of needles! :0))