Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Soapy Success

Since we moved into our house around 18 months ago we have completed many projects in and around the home but there is one 'little room' that has not had much attention from me, in fact I actually forget it's there because I never personally use it . . . our understair WC.

It has a very small window and for the past 18 months it has had two strips of paper kitchen roll taped to the window for extra privacy (very classy:0), it's one of those things that's been there for so long I don't notice it anymore!

It would have been very easy to pick up the smallest roller blind on the market but I just wanted something a little different.
Today, I addressed the situation and I was up at the break of dawn making a start to the creation of my own blind.

It's a very simple affair made from cream linen with a vintage panel advertising Pears Soap (one of my favourites) printed in the middle.
The simple colouring of this design complemented the 'little room' and I love the vintage advert.


The Cat From Hell said...

That looks so sophisticated! Much better than the sticky moire stuff we's stuck on ours!
Now wes has a great idea! Thanks yous!

edenbears said...

Thank you for your kind compliment. Please show us when you have executed your great idea Nellie! :0)