Thursday, 2 February 2012

RMS TITANIC 100 YEARS commemorative black musical bear.

One hundred years ago, on April 10, 1912, the legendary RMS Titanic, left Southampton, England on her maiden voyage to New York City.
Four days into her journey, at 11:40pm on the night of April 14th, she struck an iceberg.
. . . The rest as they say is history.

SAILOR JACK is my RMS Titanic commemorative musical black bear.
He carries the Crows Nest Key which was found to be missing on that fateful night. Could this key have helped to save the Titanic? It's said to be the key to the binoculars locked away in the Crows Nest.
On his tummy he bears the newspaper heading of that day and his black armband marking the fateful year is stitched onto his left arm.
He also wears his White Star Line sailor's hat and his right paw carries the White Star Line flag.
Press the image of the Titanic on his tummy and he quietly plays the Titanic theme music (My Heart Will Go On).


The Cat From Hell said...

Oh Elaine! He is marvelous! He is one special bear! I image he will be snapped up quickly.
I have a sort of kind of story about the Titanic. My Grand Mother has a friend who survived the Titanic. She had one of those sailor dolls that you could buy on ships and gave it to my Grand Mother. I remember playing with the "Sailor Boy" when I was little but did not realize the significance. When my Grand Parents moved to Victoria, he was lost in the move.
I had the privilege of meeting my Grand Mother's friend and hearing her story of that night.
Do you have a connection? How did you get the inspiration?

edenbears said...

Hi Barbie, fascinating to hear you have connections to this sad event! It's such a shame the sailor doll is lost forever :0( he would have been a real treasure.
A first hand account of that night is a very priviledged thing, it gives me goosebumps to think about it.
I have no personal connection to the event but I have a real interest in the history surrounding it. I find it so sad. I suppose my inspiration came from my sadness about the Titanic, such a resplendent ship to go down on her maiden voyage, it really captivates me! Sailor Jack is my tribute to the luxurious ship and all who lost their lives that night. Thank you for your lovely comment about him :0)

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Sailor Jack is simply PERFECT!! I just love him!
Heaps of Hugs,

edenbears said...

Awww, thank you so much Cheryl, that means a lot coming from such a talented bear artist :0)

jakamoo said...

He's a v handsome boy! Titanic fascinates me too!
Love him!

edenbears said...

Thanks Jacqui :0))

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I have just found your blog Elaine. I came from the Guild. I saw this bear there, he is so beautiful. You have done a remarkable job.

edenbears said...

Awww, thank you Joanne! :0)

I'm happy to say
he will soon be on his way
to the U.S. of A!
(didn't mean to write a poem).

Thank you for your lovely words :0)

teddybear said...

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