Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Rupert's Revival

Poor Rupert, he came to me so contorted, he had suffering for many years after being very poorly repaired in the past. He'd also been infested with moths over the course of time and had become very damp and wet around his neck joint causing his joint pin to rust and the wood wool stuffing in his head to stain his fabric. All in all Rupert was in a bad way but I could see through this and knew there was a very handsome bear beneath the surface just begging for help.

I got straight to work and treated him for his infestation, once this was done I got rid of Rupert's old stuffing in his head and body cavity and released his contorted position. I gave him a gentle clean and realigned his body parts. The staining around his neck would not shift despite many gentle attempts so I patched it with a close matching mohair which looks far better than the ugly brown stain that was severely denting Rupert's confidence.

After a few stitches here and there to repair a couple of holes in his pads and a little topping up of his arm stuffing I finished him off with a befitting red bow. I hope you agree he looks relieved to be feeling more like himself and looking so handsome once again.


The Cat From Hell said...

Rupert! You looks marvelous! Your stay at the spa (er bear hosital) has helped yous to look years and years younger!
Dr. Elaine is a miracle worker.