Tuesday, 4 September 2012

A Bear In Our Garden

This year has seen a couple of gardening projects completed.  My hard-working partner has created a  patio area and a rock pool.  I found a fabulous garden sculpture that just had to be at the centre of our rock pool design . . . it is, of course, a bear!
Looks like he's hungry as he's just hooked not one, but two fish from the pool! :0)

I'm proud to say the photograph seen here is now used by the garden centre that we bought him from to demonstrate the bear in situ.  Here's a link to their site, they have a great selection of sculptures amongst other things and we are very pleased our bear and the customer service we received.


Kays Kids said...

That bear look quite at home in your beautiful garden. What a lovely site.

The Cat From Hell said...

That is just the bestest! It looks kinf of like the bear in our yard!
Mommy wants one she is off to look!

edenbears said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Kay and Nellie.

Nellie, Perhaps if your Mom had one of these he could keep your real visiting bear away? :0)

Joanne@ Desertmountainbear said...

I had to take a second look here, I thought it really was a bear. I think that this is the most wonderful addition to your pond.

edenbears said...

Thanks Joanne :0)