Thursday, 27 September 2012

In memory Of . . .

My partner's late Grandmother was a lovely lady who saw the good in everyone and never had a bad word to say.  Always welcoming, warm and friendly . . . a real diamond of a lady, sadly missed by the whole family.
Her daughter (my partner's Mother) is very much like her Mum.  She too is one of the most selfless, caring, kind and considerate people I know, always putting others first whilst being a fantastic wife, Mother and busy Grandmother, so for a change I wanted to create something very unique and special for her.
She believed her Mother's sheepskin coat had gone to the charity shop a long time ago, however, I held onto it as I wanted to create a bear just for her on the anniversary of her Mum's passing.  The coat held memories and now the bear continues to hold them for her, a friend and confidante to cherish for life.  I really enjoyed creating him and although the sewing was tough in parts, it was worth every minute to see the joy he has given her, because she too, is worth it :0)


The Cat From Hell said...

My heart with you both! Your words are wonderful!
Nellie's Mom

edenbears said...

Thanks Nellie :0)

edenbears said...

Thanks Nellie's Mom! :0)